Dreaming of Dakeng, there seems to be a dark cloud over travel. Stepping on someone else's foot on the bus, just wanting to apologize and look up, but look like a hooligan, staring at you so you can't be afraid.

Dreaming of looking into a deep pit. Foretelling in business, you will take stupid risks; in love, your courtship can only cause the other party's uneasiness.

Dreaming of falling into a deep pit, foreshadowing disaster and sadness in my heart.

Waking up dreaming that you are about to fall into a deep pit indicates that you will be very lucky to escape the events that bring you grief and irregularity.

Dreaming that you are jumping into a deep pit indicates that you are willing to pay for health and wealth at the cost of greater success.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of a mud pit means that you have indeed fallen into a quagmire. You feel that your whole-hearted career is hindered, and you may lack the confidence or emotional support to move forward. A mud pit means that you are overwhelmed by the situation around you and feel trapped by the situation.

Psychoanalysis: If you dream about the land of the mud pit, it usually means emotional distress. Maybe these emotional problems are caused by yourself, because the spirit can not step on the solid ground.

Spiritual Symbol: At this level, the mire in dreams symbolizes spiritual and emotional contradictions.