Dreaming of Dakeng, there seems to be a dark cloud covering the travel. I stepped on someone's foot on the bus, and I was about to apologize, but I looked up and looked like a rascal, staring at you so hard that you were not afraid.

I dreamed of looking into a deep pit. It indicates that in business, you will take stupid risks; in love, your courtship can only cause the other person's anxiety.

Dreaming of falling into a deep pit indicates disaster and sadness in my heart.

To dream of waking up when you are about to fall into a deep pit indicates that you will be very lucky to escape an event that brings you grief and disorder.

To dream that you are jumping into a deep pit indicates that you will achieve greater success and that you are willing to pay the price of health and wealth.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of a mud puddle means that you are indeed in the mud puddle. You feel that the career you devote yourself to is hindered, perhaps because you lack the confidence or emotional support to push forward. The mud pit means you are overwhelmed by the surrounding situation and feel trapped by the situation.

Psychological analysis: If you dream of the muddy land, it usually means emotional distress. Perhaps these emotional problems are caused by your own hands, and you will not be able to step on a solid ground because of your spirit.

Spiritual symbol: On this level, the quagmire in the dream symbolizes the contradiction between spirit and emotion.