Dreaming of crystal dew heralded the realization of hope. What you have been looking forward to is likely to make the dream come true.

Dreaming of Zhaolu flashing this, foreshadowing spiritual enrichment, or spiritual inspiration. During this period of time, there may be opportunities to think more about issues such as life and love, and there must be new gains.

Dreaming of walking in the morning in the dew indicates that love is going well. You and your sweetheart will fall in love. As glue like paint, unwilling to separate.

The body is wet with dew in the dream, which indicates that you may have unpleasant relationships in the near future. Maybe it's a teacher in the school, or a colleague or client dealing with the project. You made an effort, but I don't know why, I always feel that I cannot build a good relationship.

Dreaming about cream usually reminds you that based on reality, don't lose the most basic happiness in life because of blind pursuit of short-lived enjoyment. This is your self-protection mechanism, which shows your alertness to your desire to escape from reality.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of Frost Dew, worried about death. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dream Frost Dew Drop. The dreams of scholars come to Luzhi; the dreams of ordinary people are to help you. Jiaxiang Zhao also. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Shuanglu descended, Daji, the Lord and the Emperor assisted. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Frost. This dream is a sign of the disaster. Illness is scattered, lawsuits are harmonious, marriage is unsuccessful, and fame and fortune are unsuccessful. The dreamer dreams about this when he is depressed, only then the yin disappears and the plague disappears. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dew or light rain in the dream represents a sense of novelty and spiritual recovery. It may be something you have not yet noticed, and you can only get it through an external source.

Psychoanalysis: Change and purification are not always triggered by emotional outbursts. The dew in the dream tells you that soft feelings, sometimes even barely noticeable feelings, can set off a big wave.

Spiritual Symbol: On the spiritual level, the dew in the dream represents spiritual recovery and blessing.