Like the Great Flood in the Bible, the flood often symbolizes death and is devastating; it also breeds new life, heralding the beginning of life, and is often regarded as a symbol of a new life and a new beginning.

Dreaming that your home was washed away by the flood indicates that there may be quarrels between family members, and the cause may be between parents. At this time, you should restrain your own temper, never be willful, and help communicate family feelings.

Dreaming of a flood that floods a house means that your subconscious feeling overwhelmed by school, work, family, or some relationship.

If you dream of flooding, smashing houses, people panicking, and you are very calm and may control the situation, such a dream indicates that you are eager to take responsibility or feel that your leadership ability is not being recognized as it should be.

Dreaming that you rushed to see the flood from a long distance shows that you are trying hard to solve the current problem, and you already have ideas.

Dreaming of falling into the flood foreshadows a crisis in your relationship.

Most people dream of the flood, which may indicate illness or unpleasant marriage. Pay attention to your health.

Businessmen dream of torrential floods, reminding you to be careful of business losses.

The girl dreams of floods, sexual dreams, meaning that you are afraid of feelings (marriage). Feelings (marriage) are meant to be floods in your dreams.

The peasants dreamed of a flood in the river and a bumper crop.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

The flooder , the Lord is rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream flood. This filling Dreams by Cheoy Lee, camp seeking quick Sheng; sick main imaginary; First Instance of the main shock; Riverside home by sea have anti- flood to. Mysterious Dreams

Dream flood. The main business was successful, and the profits were abundant. Illness was vacant, and the prisoner was shocked. Those who live near the river must be protected against disasters. The Lord has the Kou Pied Soldier's Sign. "Secret Secretary"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The flood is scary, so the flood in dreams often symbolizes the release of positive forces. It usually represents depressed feelings or unconscious feelings, and you must clear them out for progress. If you dream that you are in the flood, you feel that you are being stunned by these emotions. If you dream about observing the flooding errors, this symbolizes contemplation. Dreams about floods often symbolize depression.

Psychoanalysis: If you feel struggling to express yourself in words, dreams about floods have created a suitable way for you to deal with your fears and concerns.

Spiritual Symbol: One cycle ends and another new cycle begins. Past sorrows and emotional distress will intensify. The mind will be clearer, and the road ahead will be calm.

Dream Case Study of the Flood ( )

Dream description: Sometimes the dream is terrible, it seems to be the same. On one occasion, I dreamed that the rain was particularly heavy, and then I started the flood. The flood was choppy and rolled in. Accidentally, I fell into the flood and was washed away by the flood. I was scared to wake up. (Male, 32 years old)

Analysis of dreams: dreaming of floods is the meaning of problems that are not easy to solve. If you dream of flooding, or if you are washed away by the flood, if you are a businessman, you may lose business. For ordinary people, dreaming of the flood, there will be some unpleasant things in marriage, or physical illness.

In addition, dreaming that the crops are flooded indicates that your hopes are hard to come by. Dreaming that the village was flooded implies that there will be many difficulties on the road to success. But dreaming of the flood receding and everything intact means that all difficulties are about to go away and your hope will be realized.