Dreaming that there are huge stones blocking the way, it means that your health status has a downward trend, especially in food poisoning, digestion, and stomach. Be careful.

Dreaming of the flood passing through the water, it means that the troubles and sad things that have been disturbing you recently will soon disappear, and will return to the happy days in the past; the cold war with friends will soon come to an end, and the relationship between the two will be Deeper.

The businessman dreamed that the flood was blocking the way and wading through the water. You have had good luck recently, but you may be affected by vacations due to the increase in tourism and travel recently, and may even have a large expenditure.

Dreaming that the snake is blocking the road indicates that your recent fortune is very good, and you need to seize the opportunity.

Dreaming that the dog is blocking the road means that the other half is in the same heart and with you as they are.

Dreaming of the river blocking the road indicates that you will encounter some difficulties in your life, some things to be implemented will be hindered, and you will not be able to complete them well.

The man dreamed that the river blocked the road, indicating that you would encounter some difficulties in your career.

A woman dreams that a river is blocking the road, which indicates that your emotional fortune is not good. Pay attention to the contradictions between emotions.