Dreaming of torrents indicates that you have a good fortune in the near future. During a party event, you made a lot of new friends under the introduction of friends.

The old man dreamed of flash floods, indicating that you have a good fortune in the near future, which is mainly reflected in your body. The great body is the result of normal exercise.

Candidates dream of torrents, indicating that your recent exam results are good. Remember that you can't be proud of this, but you need to study hard.

Singles dreaming of mountain torrents indicate that your recent love fortunes are bad, and it is unlikely that you and your lover want to develop further.

Dreaming of the torrents destroying the house is a sign of great fortune, indicating that your harvest this year will double as usual.

Dreaming that the torrents have risen so high indicates that your heart is arrogant, don't be so arrogant.

Dreaming that the mountain torrent is only one person tall, it indicates that you will be down to earth, you will have a successful career, and your money will be endless.

Dreaming that the flood rushed away the child was a precursor to a happy event at the family , so prepare for the upcoming happy event.

Dreaming that you have been washed away by the torrents indicates that you need to be careful about your health.

Dreaming that his parents were washed away by the torrent, this was a sign of prosperity for his family.

Dreaming that the mountain flood washed away the children of other families, foreshadows that the dreamer's money will be partially lost.

Dreaming that there is a pregnant woman in the mountain torrent , which indicates that you will be happy and happy.

Dreaming that the torrent only washed away, foreshadowing the arrival of something unknown, you need to be prepared.

Dreaming of torrents flowing into the sea, heralding all your bad things will pass, and good luck will come.

Dreaming of the torrent flooding into the well indicates that you will have a narrow-minded person to come to trouble, and you need to pay attention to handling methods.

Dreaming of torrents in the mountains and forests indicates that something unexpected will happen to you.

I dreamed that the mountain torrent was only on the street, not in the premises, the wealth was not in the warehouse, and the life was mediocre.