Dreaming of colorful clouds is a very auspicious dream, which means that you will have a fairly long period of time, and your work will be very smooth. If you are a businessman, as long as you are cautious, you will definitely have a chance to get rich.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: Clouds are the main disaster. Clouds can block the sun and symbolize the haze in life. Dreaming of clouds means that doom will appear in life, and early prevention is needed.

  Psychoanalysis: Dreaming that the clouds are scattered by the wind and the sky is clear, means that the disaster will soon pass and it will never be gone again. Dreaming that the cloud is near the sun is a good sign, which means that the sun can disperse the overcast cloud. With the help of nobles, I will soon get rid of the difficulties. Dreaming of Baiyun, his and his neighbor's crops will be harvested. Dreaming of dark clouds, there may be infectious diseases in residential areas. Dreaming of colorful clouds, bloodshed may occur nearby , or the enemy may invade the country. Dreaming of flying in the clouds will become the leader of the residential area. Five colored clouds in the dream are a symbol of happiness. Businessmen dream of Caiyun, indicating that the business may fail and lose a sum of money.

  Dreaming of colorful cloud case studies

  Dream description: One night, Xiao Wu dreamed that he was in the sky. When you look up, you can see the floating clouds. When you lower your head, you can see the green earth. In the dream, he reached out and touched the cloud with his hand. The cloud was soft and he felt very happy in the dream.

  Dream interpretation: This is a "dream vision", which should be Ruizhao; dreamers look up at the clouds, there is an inner motivation to look up, up and ask for help; the clouds in the sky represent fantasy and beauty, unpredictable . Dreaming that I was touching those clouds meant that I was exposed to something beautiful. However, the dreamer also understands that many beautiful things in life are like clouds, and it is difficult to catch them. Standing in the sky indicates a relaxed and happy mood, and also indicates that there is a distance from reality in the heights. This dream always means to let the dreamer relax. If the dreamer really has difficulty at this stage, he will spend it successfully at last. If everything goes well at this stage, then this kind of auspicious sign will be for the dreamer in the future. It has a profound impact. Many people who have dreamed of Ruizhao's vision have a smooth life development.