To dream that the sky is drooping, you will be cared for by your elders, and you can give full play to your strengths, which is a good dream. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

Single women dream of the sky hanging down, indicating that a good relationship is coming or that they can meet a good supporter.

Dreaming of the sky during the day, disasters and misfortunes will come.

Dreaming of the night sky makes your body healthy.

Dreaming that the blue sky is like washing, there will be unfortunate news.

Dreaming of the red sky and keeping the status quo will make everything go well.

Dreaming of a black sky means that there will be disputes wherever you go, and people who are sick must pay more attention.

Dreaming of the moonlit night sky means love will succeed.

Dreaming of a dark sky means disaster will be imminent.

Dreaming of lightning in the sky means you will get out of trouble.

Dreaming of the sky falling, life and death, pay attention to the illness of the parents

Dreaming of ascending to heaven means being ahead of others. But not coming down in the sky is an appearance of escaping from reality.

Mengmeng shines in the sky, which means being promoted and obstacles removed.

Dreaming of entering the palace in the sky means that there are nobles.

Mengmeng falling from the sky means that a big change has occurred.

Dreaming of walking across the river in the sky means that you will be close to the true meaning of life.

To dream of floating in the air means that the mind and body are out of balance.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming that the sky is low, the stock market implies that if you look up at the low sky from the ground, it means that the stocks you buy will rise slightly.