Dreaming of the moon falling into the water means fantasy and changeability. The moon in the water and the flower in the mirror are all illusory, indicating that plans and wishes are changing.

Dreaming of the moon means everything will go well.

To dream of a full moon means to make a fortune and gain a precious son.

A man dreams of bright moonlight pouring on the earth, money will be covered, and accidents will occur.

A pregnant woman dreams of a full moon, she will give birth to a beautiful boy.

When the crew dreamed of the waning moon, they would suffer misfortune, and something must happen while sailing.

When an unmarried man dreams of a new moon, the couple will abandon themselves, because they are depressed and often suffer from insomnia.

The girl dreamed that half a month was a bad omen.

The patient dreams of the full moon, and the body will recover soon.