Dreaming of drought usually symbolizes the dryness of feelings, or the need for emotional nourishment.

It is possible that in life, you are suffering from emotional shock, or a loved one has passed away , and your heart is extremely sad.

Dreaming about drought may also indicate that there is a problem in your career and you are in trouble.

Case study of dreaming about drought

Dream description: The scene in the dream really makes my heartache: the earth is dry and the seedlings are dry. When I was feeling sad, the sky suddenly began to drizzle. The light rain fell on the earth, moisturizing the seedlings. After a while, the seedlings turned green, and I was so happy. (Female, 21 years old)

Dream analysis: a dream of drought means difficulty and trouble. Dreaming of land drought indicates that you will encounter difficulties on the way forward. Dreaming about the drought of seedlings indicates that you will run into trouble in your personal life. Dreaming of drizzle rain on the dry land is a good thing, and it indicates that everything about you is turning for the better.