Dreaming about drought is often a sign of dryness or the need for emotional nourishment.

It is possible that in your life you are suffering emotionally, or a loved one has died , and your heart is extremely sad.

Dreaming about drought may also indicate that something is wrong with your career and you are in trouble.

Dream Case Study of Drought

Description of the dream: The vision in my dream really hurts me: the earth is dry and the seedlings are dry. When my heart was sad, the sky suddenly began to rain. Light rain fell on the ground, nourishing the grass. After a while, He Miao turned green, and I was so happy. (Female, 21 years old)

Dream Analysis: Drought dreams mean difficulties and troubles. Dreaming that the land is dry indicates that you will encounter difficulties along the way. Dreaming that the seedlings are dry indicates that you will run into trouble in your personal life. It is a good thing to dream of drizzle drizzling up and down the earth, which indicates that everything is going well for you.