Feeling afraid of hiding in a dark corner in the dream, this is not a good dream.

In the dream, I saw someone talking in the corner of the accompaniment, suggesting that someone was planning a plot against you, pretending to be like a friend who might be unwilling to attack you.

Dreaming that the street corners were full of garbage, indicating that the red light on health. Particular attention must be paid to respiratory diseases. Don't think that the cold is nothing great, you will lose a lot by then.

Dreaming of the darkness suggests that you may have a very heavy stress in your heart, or an overly depressed mood, pain that cannot be resolved, and so on.

Dream about the darkness and remind you not to lose yourself.

When men dream of darkness, sometimes it means that you are confused about your future and feel that you have no way out.

When women dream of darkness, they sometimes indicate that they have lost confidence in life, feelings, and marriage, and that their hearts are empty.

In addition, when you dream about darkness, sometimes your self-protection mechanism is working in your dreams. Your subconscious mind may be trying to suppress the thoughts or emotions that are important but have caused you pain in the daytime, or in the past.

If you dream of walking in the dark, it means that you may get what you have given up or lost.

Dreaming that you are looking for light from the darkness, indicates that pain and difficulties will eventually pass, and you will find your life hope through your own hard work, through the painful and confused days.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: In your dream, turning around the corner means that you have already started and are ready to create a new experience, despite the thorny and difficult beginnings. If you turn the corner from the right, the aspect of action is logical. If you walk around the corner from the left, you are beginning to develop yourself by applying intuition.

Psychoanalysis: You are inspired by dreams, and you find a glimmer of hope from the previously closed and almost nowhere predicament. You don't need to feel like a corner, but you can start a new attempt straightforwardly, start an unanticipated career, and gain new experience.

Spiritual symbol: In this sense, the corner indicates that you should complete the mental hesitation that has not yet been decided from a new perspective.