Dreaming that the leaves are red, a symbol of increased leisure activities. Instead of wandering around in coffee shops and playgrounds, it is better to go outdoors. There must be something good for you.

The unmarried person dreams that the leaves are red. If you are single, you have to take the initiative and pursue the other party to succeed, but be careful to be too enthusiastic to make the other party feel uncomfortable. Small frictions between lovers increase, and both sides pay more attention to their own gains and losses and feelings, and are not tolerant enough.

Dreaming of a red tree indicates that parting will happen.

The lover dreams of the red tree and wants to be separated from the lover.

Dreaming that the leaves are tender and green indicates that she will get an inheritance and will marry a rich and very cute man.

Dreaming of falling leaves often symbolizes death and the depression and anxiety caused by death, or indicates that you will break up with your friends.

Dreaming of leaves fluttering in the wind implies that you should pay attention to family harmony, and quarrels may occur at home.

Dreaming of leaves means that your career will be more and more smooth, and the things you have been looking forward to will suddenly appear in front of you, making you very happy. If the leaves in the dream are withered and yellow, it means that you have to seek truth from facts, don't be too demanding on yourself, and you can succeed step by step.

Dreaming of ginkgo leaves scattered all over the ground indicates that there will be misfortune in love. Your love will be unrequited love, quickly turn your attention to sports or other interests, and heal the scars in your heart as soon as possible.

To dream of caterpillars squirming on leaves indicates that there will be behavioral errors. Unconventional risks and indiscretions should be avoided.