When dreaming about an eclipse, you may want to pay attention to the health of yourself or your friends and relatives. Some people may have minor illnesses, but do n’t worry too much, because the eclipse does not last long, it also indicates that it is not a serious illness. Just go to the hospital Already.

In addition, the eclipse may foretell changes in other aspects of your life: for example, there may be some disturbances in the life of your husband and wife, but it will not affect your relationship; there may be some financial loss, or work, Some shortcomings have upset you.

The wife dreams of a eclipse, the son may get sick, or the husband's financial income may decrease.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Seeing the eclipse, the Lord lost his wealth and was fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream eclipse, fierce. The emperor dreamed of this, the prisoners were invaded, and the officials and colleagues were jealous; the ordinary people dreamed of this, the brothers and their relatives bullied each other; Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The solar eclipse represents the temporary obscuration of life's light, and dreamers will experience a brief blind spot. The sun is the main asset, and the eclipse represents economic damage. It is best to face it calmly. But pregnant women dream of a solar eclipse is a good thing.

Psychoanalysis: When you dream of an eclipse, the sky is covered with dark clouds, and you will get help from your friends when you are in trouble. Dreaming of an eclipse, the wife or the bride who just entered the door will become pregnant , which is a foretaste of the fetal dream of a smart baby, and will have a healthy baby. Businessmen dream of a solar eclipse, and they may have a short period of disappointment in their careers or doing other things, and may appear to upset themselves. An unmarried woman dreaming of an eclipse means that her family life will be disturbed to some extent, but it will not hinder the overall situation. Unmarried people dream of an eclipse, and the eclipse is a precursor to lightning-like love. Both of them will be enchanted at first sight, and they will hit each other instantly, but their hearts will accelerate to cool down after the extreme heat, which can be said to be a "midsummer love" ".

Case Study of Dreaming of Eclipse

Description of the dream: there is a person who had a dream in the morning and dreamed that in the evening, the sky was very red and the sky was very hot. Then, he went to dinner with his friends , and found snow on the ground. At this time, an eclipse occurred again, but the eclipse soon ended.

Analysis of dreams: This dream symbolizes hidden concerns in the dreamer's heart. In the evening, it indicates that the dreamer feels that his lingering things are about to end; the sky is red, and some dreamers are proud of it; the sky is hot, and the dreamer is a little impatient, because the dreamer finds that it has not been completely eliminated, leaving hidden dangers, I'm worried that it will linger all the time. An eclipse indicates that hidden worries will endanger the cause in the future, but the eclipse passes quickly, indicating that dreamers can finally overcome difficulties.