Dream fire mountain eruption, fountain eruptions, or other similar natural phenomena, it indicates that things will suddenly change for the better.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption means that you will have fierce quarrels with others, and the integrity you have built up will be damaged.

The woman dreamed of a volcanic eruption, suggesting that the old disease has recurred, or that her life is in danger.

Women dream of a volcanic eruption, which means that you are selfish and greedy, and will do something adventurous and bad.

The man dreamed of the volcanic eruption, saying that the goal had not been achieved for a long time, that he arrogantly gave up and became disheartened. May suffer financial losses. Or meet business competitors.

The sick person dreams of a volcanic eruption, which indicates that the dreamer has hope for health, and the body will soon recover.

The businessman dreamed of the volcanic eruption, suggesting that the economy would suffer losses and encountered strong players in business.

The merchant dreams of a volcanic eruption, implying that the dreamer will encounter strong and the economy will suffer.

The prisoner dreamed of a volcanic eruption, indicating no hope of escape.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption is a dangerous sign, which means that money comes easily and quickly, and lives are spent, or property is not obtained from the right path, which will provoke a lawsuit or be counted after getting rich, but will be more Big loss.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption may also be an inexplicable fear of some form or feeling in your subconscious, and it also implies that you need to take some protective measures, which may be potentially dangerous.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption, or an volcano that is erupting, indicates that your desire to be suppressed deep inside is always a potential danger, which may cause you trouble. You must take the initiative and take measures in time, otherwise It can appear in painful ways, causing unexpected disasters.

Dream that your home is next to a crater, and a volcanic eruption has ruined your home. Suggest that you may have a bad impression of your home, or you may not like a stable life, like the freshness and excitement in life. It may also be that the feeling of home gives you a lot of restraint and pressure, so you will want to make a whole new change in the whole home in the subconscious.

Dreaming of the volcanic eruption is very powerful, aftershocks spread to yourself, indicating that you are very angry about the situation you are in now.

Dreaming of magma billowing, it means your feelings are too strong to restrain.

Dreaming about the lava from the volcano melted down your house, indicating that the family has given you too much restraint and pressure, making you yearn for freedom and full of fresh life.

Dreaming of a volcano that is about to erupt means that your underlying desires are gradually recovering, or the environment around you is beginning to change.

Dreaming of a volcano that is smoking means that in terms of love, you may get a thrilling sex, but it is very dangerous and you must not sink deeper.