Dreaming about the lagoon means that you are wise and wrong, and you will be trapped in doubt and chaos.

The reef that appeared in the dream represented the imminent danger. The dreamer must decide what to do in order to avoid the dangers around him.

Despite the tension and anxiety in his heart, the dreamer still has to take this step forward, overcome the fear, and break the boundaries set for himself.

The reef that appears in the dream symbolizes the road to the unknown world on a spiritual level.

The man dreamed of a lake with lots of water and more livestock.

A woman dreams of a juicy lake, her body is healthy, and her children go.

I dreamed that the dry lake would suffer from famine and disease.

Dreaming of shallow lakes, disaster will come.

Dreaming of the deep lake, can defeat the enemy.

Those who left home dreamed that the water-filled lake would make a fortune and would return triumphantly.

The businessman dreamed that the lake full of water could make a fortune.

Dreaming of pouring water into the lake will be loved by people.