Dreaming of a lagoon means that you are clever instead of being mistaken by cleverness, and you will be trapped in doubt and confusion.

The reef in the dream represents the impending danger. The dreamer must decide how to respond, so as to try to avoid the danger around him.

Even though his heart is full of tension and anxiety, the dreamer must still take this step in front of him, overcome his fear, and break the boundaries set for himself.

The reef that appears in the dream symbolizes the way to the unknown world on a spiritual level.

A man dreams of a lake with a lot of water and more livestock.

A woman dreams of a lake with plenty of water .

Dreaming of a dry lake, famine and sickness.

Dreaming of shallow lakes means disasters are imminent.

Dreaming of a deep lake can defeat the enemy.

People who leave home dream of a lake full of water, can make a fortune, and return in triumph.

A businessman dreams of a lake full of water can make a fortune.

Dreaming of pouring water into the lake will be loved by people.