Dreaming of rain soaking flowers and plants, your unsatisfactory days are finally gone, all the troubles and sad things before will be satisfactorily resolved, and you will naturally resume your happy days. Even the friends who have been in the cold war with you for a long time can now make up, and the friendship between the two people will grow deeper.

To dream of rain soaking flowers and plants is a blessing in disguise dream. It indicates that you may encounter some troubles or sad things, but in the end all the unhappiness will disappear, the matter will be resolved satisfactorily, and even the disagreeable friends will be able to reconcile themselves.

Dreaming of spring rain indicates that the dreamer will have many unexpected things that will come to him at the same time;

Dreaming of the continuous spring rain implies that the dreamer will have an unexpected gain;

Dreaming of drizzle indicates that the dreamer is facing a temporary difficulty;

Dreaming of a silky rainy rainy season means that your wealth will fall. It reminds the dreamer to learn how to manage money and should not spend far more than income.

Dreaming of heavy rain means that your career will encounter obstacles, reminding the dreamer that he should continue to store energy even in the dormant period, so as to grasp the opportunity at the right time, take action, and succeed in one fell swoop;

Dreaming of rain on the road means that the dreamer will have many opportunities at work. As long as you seize the opportunity, it will improve your wealth;

Dreaming of going out on rainy days may indicate that the dreamer will get a few days of pleasant vacation;