Dreaming of strong winds blowing on the windows is a sign that "you have friends coming from afar". Maybe your childhood friend suddenly came to visit, or maybe it was a business trip to your city by good classmates. In short, their arrival will bring you something. Good memories. Be sure to do your landlord friendship.

The breeze slowly brought good luck. The spring breeze blew through, and the fields put on green clothes. The wind expresses luck in the dream. Like the wind, it will come and leave.

Dreaming of the breeze slowing down means that you can do things well and have good luck;

To dream of the spring breeze means peace and success;

Dreaming that the sky is full of wind and sand means that you often do things without considering the consequences, and you will suffer pain and misfortune as a result, and you should think twice before acting;

Dreaming of a dirty wind will cause pain and misfortune;

Breathing in the breeze means safe and successful travel;

The businessman dreams of breathing in fragrant wind is a good omen for business profit, on the contrary, dreaming of breathing dirty air will lead to disaster;

The patient dreams of breathing fresh air, the disease will be cured suddenly, but dreaming of breathing dirty air will endure misfortune and pain.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream of strong winds blowing on the windows, the stock market will start to fall in price from the construction stocks, bad rumors about the stock market are flying all over the sky, causing the stock prices to fall all together, creating a mess.