To dream of blowing a tornado , although a tornado is very scary, it is powerful enough to take away bad things. Therefore, this dream is a symbol of the rain and the sky. Maybe you lost something precious and finally found it back, or maybe the opposite sex appeared to comfort you when you were suffering from a broken relationship. In short, take courage and live a good life!

Dreaming of a tornado has the following symbolic meanings:

1. Generally represent the fluctuation of inner emotions.

2. Represents the strength of the dreamer’s emotions.

3. Tornadoes also symbolize fragility, especially the fragility of the emotional and material world.

4. Tornadoes also represent a sense of crisis for something special and unwilling to experience.

5. You may be surrounded by grumpy/emotional people.

Dream Long Juan wind, sweeping, and swept away himself. This is a very spectacular scene, through which the dream reflects that strong anger is being suppressed in your heart. Please reflect on what makes your emotions so intense? If you feel that your anger is suppressed by your mind, you might as well let it out. This is good for your body and your mind.

There is another explanation. Tornadoes are characterized by suddenness and destructiveness. However, destruction is not a bad thing. The so-called not breaking or standing is the old destruction and the new will be established. Please compare and explain with your own actual situation.