Different feelings about scenery in dreams have different symbolic meanings.

Dreaming of beautiful scenery symbolizes a beautiful future.

Dreaming of peaceful scenery means that life is harmonious and happy, or that nostalgic childhood, close friends who are far away, are full of nostalgia.

If the dream scenery is messy and depressed, which makes you feel uncomfortable, it may indicate that you may have a bad day, or you may have to endure a period of suffering.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Landscape has a very important meaning in dreams, which usually reflects your feelings, thoughts and even his character. The rocky terrain means you have a problem, and the scenery in arid areas represents your pessimism and self-doubt. A type of scenery that often appears in dreams can be a place where you were deeply impressed as a child, and it can also represent emotions you can't let go or problems that have not been resolved. The landscape in the dream generally expresses the backlog of feelings in the heart, rather than the temporary emotional impulse.

Psychoanalysis: The dream landscape sometimes contains some strange content (such as ice-formed trees or sugar-piled rocks) to express a specific meaning. It can also reflect your relationship with other people. Being in the desert in a dream means loneliness in the heart, and dreaming about the forest means the opposite. Dreaming that the scenery has changed means that you need to update something in your daily life.

Spiritual Symbol: From a spiritual perspective, scenery in your dreams represents an improvement in your mood or attitude.