If you dream of thunder and lightning, it represents the advancement of emotions. The dreamer may feel that he is being bombarded with all kinds of things and feelings. This symbol can also represent suppressed anger.

If the dreamer encounters obstacles in a certain relationship, getting angry can relieve him. If you are caught in a hurtful dispute in your life, the ";thunderstorm" in your dream can clear this ";atmosphere";.

On the spiritual level, the thunderstorm in the dream symbolizes creativity. Thunder and lightning are two props of God of Storm.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream lightning illuminates the body. The main honor and pet are present, and get the position. In the dream of a woman, the master's husband is honored and the son is expensive; the maidservant dreams of the master's parents. Menglin Xuanjie

Dreams of thunder and lightning go around. Dream of pregnant women , the master gives birth to precious children; dreams of scholars, the position of master is approaching; dreams of maidservants, master parents manifested. Secretary of Broken Dreams