Dreaming of the forest burning a fire , then prevent the day of disputes caused trouble.

Dreaming of a large forest means that the dreamer is happy and wealthy;

Dreaming of a lush forest, suggesting that the dreamer will have great fortune, a well-developed career, and good luck, and will have a great deal;

Dreaming of wandering in the forest reminds the dreamer to care more for the lover or lover with more love.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of a mountain walker, Ji. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Mengshan Forest Bank, Kyrgyzstan. Quite auspicious, others also profited lushly and dreamily. Mysterious Dreams

Mengshan Forest Bank. This dream merchant buys auspicious, has the luxuriant auspicious, the year prosperity prosperity. People match mountains as immortals and trees as rests, so dreams are in the mountains, and the forests are fierce. "Secret Secretary"