The fertile horn, also known as the fertile horn, is one of the most significant symbols of Thanksgiving . In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was fed by goat milk by Amalthea. Goat horns with magic can provide everything the owner wants, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. People usually celebrate the harvest and richness in croissant baskets made of willow branches filled with flowers and fruits, so they are called horns of prosperity, symbolizing peace, kindness and luck.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream description: The fertile corner is a place full of fruits and flowers in mythology, symbolizing abundance. It is another trumpet fungus, just like conch. The Horn of Richness indicates surplus, generosity, fertility and good harvest. They must exceed the amount the dreamer is accustomed to possessing, or the amount he can handle and accommodate.

Psychoanalysis: Dreamers have unlimited potential to maintain a decent existence and shape a rich future.

Spiritual symbol: The horn of abundance symbolizes every possible form and spiritual work. It can indicate that the dreamer's life is sufficient and rich, and of course it can also indicate the lives of others.