Dreaming of the thin and soft rain, the fortune may be threatened. You may have a lot of money before, but the fortune may decline soon, and there may even be a poor sight of making ends meet. At this time, the most important thing you should do is to make a budget and stop seeing and buying what you have done before.

  Dreaming of spring rain and good fortune signaled that something unexpected would happen.

  Dreaming of spring rain is a foretaste of unexpected gains.

  Dreaming of drizzle indicates that there will be some difficulties at this stage.

  Light rain, in human consciousness, is often associated with feelings such as fresh air and crystal water droplets, symbolizing imagination, freedom, energy and hope, and heralding new plans in dreamers' hearts, or beautiful visions.

  If you dream of a drizzle, you may face temporary difficulties or annoyances, but do n’t worry too much, you will soon pass.

  If you dream of spring rain, it means inspiration is bursting out. The long-term gestation plan is about to be realized, and good things are coming. In terms of feelings, your lover is sincere to you.

  Dreaming of rain and rain, or feeling that you are in the rainy season, indicates that your fortune is poor. Maybe the cost of your most recent paragraph will be much greater than the input, it is best to cut your budget as much as possible to avoid poor turnover.