Dreaming of the silky rainy season means that your fortune may be threatened. Before, your fortune might have been rolling, but soon your fortune might decline, and there might even be a pitiful scene of making ends meet. At this time, the most important thing you should start with is to make a good budget, and stop buying anything like what you did before.

Dreaming of spring rain is a good omen, indicating that unexpected things will happen.

Dreaming of continuous spring rain indicates that there will be unexpected gains.

Dreaming of drizzle indicates that you will face a period of difficulties at this stage.

Light rain, in people's consciousness, is often associated with feelings of fresh air, crystal clear water droplets, etc. It symbolizes imagination, freedom, agility, and hope, and heralds a new plan or beautiful longing in the dreamer's heart.

If you dream of a nasty drizzle, it indicates that you may face temporary difficulties or troubles, but don't worry too much, it will pass soon.

Dreaming of continuous spring rain means that inspiration is bursting, the long-term plan is about to be realized, and good things are coming. In terms of feelings, lovers treat you sincerely.

Dreaming of continuous rain, or feeling that you are in the rainy season, indicates poor wealth. Maybe your recent expenditure will be far greater than the input. It is best to cut your budget as much as possible to avoid poor turnover.