Dreaming that the breeze is slowly blowing, your love that has been slowly developing will move forward. At this time, if you want to be closer to the lover in secret, then you do n’t need to hesitate, you can start the offensive. As for the contact method, it is best to use a telephone.

Dreaming of a breeze blowing, it means that you will give up your interest in order to get rid of a worldly prejudice, but in the end you find that the emotion you are after is not what you want, and it feels like a waste .

Dreaming of the breeze slowly, indicating that dreamers will have good luck;

Dreaming of hot winds is a harbinger of a disease, reminding dreamers to pay attention to their bodies;

Dreaming of the wind blowing off clothes, inconsistencies and illnesses in the self.

Dreaming of the breeze blowing symbolizes love, while the violent wind is showing some degree of aggression. If the dreamer is in a non-love season and dreams about the wind, it means that life and work are relatively smooth. Dreaming of a breeze blowing in my dreams shows that in life or in business, there are good people who silently support dreamers and help them. The wind felt warm in the dream, and for most people it marked a happy time. In dreams, wind also represents news.