Dreaming of lagoons means that you have random suspicions without analysis and make your life chaotic.

A man dreams of a lake with a lot of water and more livestock.

A woman dreams of a lake with plenty of water .

Dreaming of a dry lake, famine and sickness.

Dreaming of shallow lakes means disasters are imminent.

Dreaming of a deep lake can defeat the enemy.

People who leave home dream of a lake full of water, can make a fortune, and return in triumph.

A businessman dreams of a lake full of water can make a fortune.

Dreaming of pouring water into the lake will be loved by people.

Dreaming of discharging the water in the lake will make you worry about the illness of your family for a long time.

Dreaming of swimming in the lake is an ominous omen, and life will be tight.

Dreaming of sinking into the lake means being damaged and sick.

To dream of digging mud from the lake can inherit the inheritance.

The woman dreamed of taking a bath in the lake , and she could find a considerate husband.

A man dreams of taking a bath in the lake and can find a wise wife.

Dreaming of a lake with plenty of water is a harbinger of success.

Dreaming of a smelly lake makes you sick.

Dream of swimming in the lake, business is sluggish.

Dreaming of having a picnic by the lake on a cloudy day means that life will be peaceful and happy.