Lightning is never interrupted by anything, as long as you set off, you will reach your goal, which means that things go smoothly and there is no obstacle. Dreaming of a thunderstorm, her dream career will be successful.

Students dreamed that thunder and lightning were good signs, and they could get excellent test results. The girl dreamed that thunder and lightning were a good sign and would marry a prestigious family. The male patient dreamed of thunder and lightning and recovered physically. Farmers dream of lightning as drought and famine. The patient dreamed that thunder and lightning were physically recovering.

A married woman dreams of a thunderstorm, indicating that you are worried about your husband, and you will inevitably care more about your husband in life.

An unmarried woman dreams of heavy rain and thunder, indicating that your marriage may catch you off guard and you will marry a prestigious person.

The businessman dreamed that the rain was pouring down and the thunder was bursting, indicating that you will be rich, and you will have a big income. Patients have such dreams, which indicates that it is not far from physical recovery.

Dreaming of constant thunder and sparks flashing, indicating that your admiral will have some twists and turns. You may be constantly arguing about small things, but it will not cause a complete breakdown.

The thunder and thunder in the dream are small, or the thunder is continuous, which means that there are friends around you who have been falsifying and insincere about you. You may already feel that a friend around you is cheating on you, but your reason is unwilling to admit it. Dreaming this is your subconscious reminding you that the doubts in your heart are not without foundation.