If you feel you are watching the sea in your dreams, it means that you may be traveling in the near future.

If the storm in the bay in your dream is a storm, it means that you are currently in great difficulty, or for a period of time, the economy is strained and the cost is more than the input, which will worry you.

If the bay in the dream is calm, it means that you have achieved remarkable results in communicating with people, and you will succeed in society because of your active mind.

If you see the two fjords between the mountains in your dream, it means a happy life.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: When you see a bay or coastline in your dream, it means that you have realized sexual desire and women 's sensitivity.

Psychoanalysis: Your sight of the bay marks his involvement in other people's areas of life.

Spiritual Symbol: From a psychiatric perspective, the bay symbolizes protection and childbirth.