The gully in the dream symbolizes obstacles or difficulties.

Dreaming of a gully means that you may be in some kind of predicament that you cannot get rid of, or that you are deep in your heart that you will fall into that situation.

To dream of digging a trench by yourself means that you may be in trouble for some reason; to dream of someone digging a trench means that you may feel unable to control your own destiny, and worry that there will be unavoidable disasters, and worry about it. .

To dream of pushing others into the ditch. This dream expresses that you may try to hide a certain aspect of your own humanity. This person who is overthrown may represent a certain aspect of yourself.

To dream of rescuing relatives and friends you know from the ditch indicates that you have the ability to help relatives and friends solve problems, and may help them get out of their predicaments.

In the dream, I feel that the big gap is not bottoming out, which may indicate that you can no longer recover the mistakes you made before.