Dreaming of the tide of the sea or a storm, you may be about to do something ambitious recently, but this dream tells you that your plan is not smooth, but rather difficult. However, the song sings well: "How can I see the rainbow without going through wind and rain." Moreover, we also have an old saying, "Good things can endure".

Dreaming about the rising tide of the sea indicates that your difficulties may pile up. Will soon be attacked by the enemy.

Dreaming of high tide indicates that there will be difficulties.

Dreaming of ebb tide indicates that difficulties will pass.

Dreaming that the tide rises and falls indicates that life has changed a lot and caught you off guard.

Dreaming of rising water or the rising tide of the sea ​​is a sign of prosperity.

Dreamed that the river water was skyrocketing and the well water was overflowing.

Dreaming of flooding flooded the field, heralding loss.