Dreaming of freezing in the water indicates that the relationship with your family is very harmonious. At this time, he can withdraw his pampering from his father wildly, and "defraud" him to get more pocket money.

If a manual worker dreams of freezing in the water, your health concerns will turn to your calves and ankles. These parts are prone to numbness or soreness. Those who are engaged in sedentary or standing work should pay attention to work activities. Soft gymnastics is also a good choice.

Retired people dream of freezing in the water and have the opportunity to travel. They must be careful about food hygiene during the journey.

Dreaming that the river is freezing is a stress-resistant load, which indicates that you will get the attention and support of your most important party.

Unmarried men and women dream that the river is freezing, indicating that you are in harmony with your lover, and that your sweetheart treats you sincerely and loves you very much.

It is a good thing for the wife to dream that the river is freezing. It means that the husband works hard, the family is happy, the family is prosperous and peaceful, and the life will get better and better.

The student dreamed that the river was freezing, indicating that he would become the focus of the teacher's attention in the near future, and he would have excellent test results.

The businessman dreamed that the river was freezing, indicating that the business would get the attention of customers or customers, and the business would be prosperous.

The farmer dreamed that the river was frozen, indicating that the heavens would pay for his work, the crops would be harvested, and the warehouse would be full. Conversely, if you dream of melting ice, it means you may lose support, which means that your business will decrease, your grades will decrease, and your luck will decrease.