Dreaming of freezing in the water means that the relationship with the family is very good. At this time, you can retreat from your father and "deceive" to get more pocket money.

Physical workers dream of freezing in the water, and your health concerns turn to the calves and ankles. These areas are prone to paralysis or soreness. Those engaged in sedentary or long standing work should pay attention to workplace activities, and calisthenics is a good choice.

The retired dreamed of freezing in the water and had the opportunity to travel. Careful eating and drinking should be taken during the trip.

Dreaming that the river is freezing is anti-stress, which indicates that you will get the attention and support of your most important party.

Unmarried men and women dream that the river is freezing, which indicates that you are in harmony with your lover. The sweetheart really loves you very much.

The wife dreamed that the river was freezing, which is a good thing. She said that her husband worked hard, his family was happy, and he was rich and happy, and his life would be better and better.

The students dreamed that the river was freezing, indicating that they would be the focus of the teacher's attention in the near future, and the exam results were excellent.

A businessman dreams that the river is freezing, indicating that the business will attract the attention of customers or customers, and the business is booming.

The peasants dreamed that the river was freezing, indicating that the heavens were rewarded with diligence, crops were harvested, and barnyards were full. Conversely, if you dream of melting ice, it means you may lose support, which means less business, lower performance, and lower luck.