Dreaming of celestial bodies means that the dreamer has come into contact with some very mysterious and subtle forces that surround him and influence his life-perhaps the dreamer himself did not know this.

Here's what some important celestial bodies might mean:

Jupiter: General is associated with meanings of growth, expansion, and infinity.

Mars: This planet represents vitality and war , but it also expresses a sense of urgency for the cause.

Mercury: This planet represents communication, intuition, and spiritual power.

Moon: It symbolizes the emotions of dreamers and the feelings of mothers.

Neptune: It involves human intuition and inspiration.

Pluto: Control the unknown and change.

Saturn: This planet represents a force that hinders the development of dreamers, and it also symbolizes the past.

Sun: The sun symbolizes the dreamer himself and the power he has.

Uranus: This planet has a sudden change of office.

From a spiritual perspective, celestial bodies, especially planets, express multiple meanings in dreams. As long as the dreamer learns to control, he can use the symbolic power represented by these planets.