Dreaming that the sky is overcast means that you are in a bad mood. Maybe you want to use some clever tricks to do some tricks, but usually the result of the spoof will be even worse. This is a fierce dream. Be especially careful.

Dreaming that the sky was suddenly overcast, showing that there was a shadow in health. Pay particular attention to diseases of the digestive system. Stop eating hamburgers, red bean soup and other snacks on your way home.

Dreaming of dark clouds and ominous omen can signal disease nearby.

Dreaming of dark clouds and heavy rain , your career will encounter obstacles, dreaming of wild storms, and your work will have good income.

Dreaming of a dark cloud pressing down the ground, if it is the dark cloud pressing down to the ground, it is suggesting that you better leave the current place quickly, otherwise you will suffer from terrible infectious diseases.

· Dreaming of dark clouds rising over the plains, a sign that self-assertion is too strong. Be careful not to be ostracized by your friends because of this, and pay particular attention to what you say and do.