Fog often appears in the morning, because it can block people's sight and make walking difficult, so the fog in dreams is often regarded as a sign of bad luck.

For example, dreaming of walking in the fog, ( Dreams meaning Book ) shows that recent things are not going well, and the heart feels sad and upset because of this; this dream also implies that you should not trust others too much, otherwise it will affect your own perception of things. Judgment correctly and be deceived by others.

Officials dream of heavy fog, indicating that people will petition in the near future, and they are likely to get into trouble because of this, and may even be in danger of losing their official positions. Therefore, you must be cautious in your words and actions, and work hard to build a good relationship with the people around you.

Heavy fog in farmers’ dreams is not good for the crops in the fields. The fields may be devastated by heavy rain.

But if you dream of the fog slowly dissipating, your luck will not be so bad. Because this indicates that a lot of difficult things have come to light.

The ancients also regarded fog as a symbol of bad luck. They believe that if there is a dark fog in the dream, there will be disasters. If the marching war , they will definitely fail miserably; dreaming of the smoke in front of the palace will cause a fire . But if you can do good deeds in peacetime, you can turn misfortunes into blessings.

Dreaming of heavy fog indicates that you may be deceived by your friends, and you must be cautious.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming in the fog. Traveling in the mist means traveling in the clouds. Those who dream of this are all moisturized, to the extent that the disease has not recovered, the depression has not cleared, the litigation is difficult to understand, the lost property is missing, and the hope is unknown. ( Menglin Xuanjie )

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The fog in the dream symbolizes loss or confusion, especially emotional confusion. You may have no solution to these problems.

Psychoanalysis: dreaming of yourself walking in the fog actually warns you not to make wrong judgments because of other people's high evaluation of certain things. The best way to stay still and wait for things to come to light is the best way. In addition, the fog that appears in the dream can symbolize the transitional stage on the level of your consciousness.

Spiritual symbol: From this level, the fog in the dream symbolizes spiritual doubt and confusion. In addition, it represents a secret religious ceremony.