Dreaming of the storm coming is the manifestation of extreme contradictions and emotional depression. There may be some things that have confused your mind lately. You can't think of a way to think about it, or you can't make up your mind. May wish to talk to a friend who knows you properly, without having to persevere alone. Maybe a smooth communication will unexpectedly make you feel like you're open.

Dreaming of a storm may also reflect that your turbulent passion can no longer be restrained. It may be that the mediocre reality or the rigid environment around you can no longer bear it. I hope that I can change my usual old image and long for wild passion. .

At the same time, it is best to avoid conflicts and quarrels with family members after the big storm. Disputes at this time may be because of your emotional upset, which can easily lead to over-excitation, causing unnecessary harm or loss, so be calm.

Sometimes dreaming of storms also indicates unexpected gains.

A married woman dreams of a storm, which means a long commitment to the family, husband, and children. Finally won happiness and family stability. His son is filial, his family is strong, and his husband's career will further develop.

Unmarried young people dreaming of a storm may indicate that your relationship will go through some hardships. Your sweetheart may be richer than you, or come from a wealthy family, but true love is invincible. If you are sincere, you will be able to overcome all kinds of pressures and trials, step into the wealthy family, and live a rich future.

Businessmen dream of storms, indicating that you may find another way in your business, or find new marketing methods and win success.

The patient dreams of a storm, which indicates that you will gradually recover, or that your heart disease requires cardiac medicine.

Tourists dream of storms during their journeys, foreshadowing that the journey ahead will be enjoyable and memorable.

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

Dreaming of a storm coming, you will get unexpected gains. A married woman dreams that a storm is coming, her life is rich, her children are going, and her husband's income will increase dramatically. Unmarried women dream of storms, marriage will be autonomous, and can marry rich people. An unmarried man dreams of a storm, and will marry a girl from a wealthy family, and his life will be rich. Businessmen dream of storms and will try to sell products and make a fortune. The patient dreamed of a storm, and his body would soon recover. The tourist dreams of a storm and the trip will be pleasant.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

The storm is coming, Lord Daji. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Heavy winds and heavy rain, people died. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream storms. The Lord's Pepsi is obstructed, the plan is hopeless, and there is a sign of exile. "Secret Secretary"

Dream storm, the main court had a prestigious order. Everyone dreams of this, everything is obstructive and thrilling. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: rain is the main obstacle, and storm is the wind and rain, wind will blow the obstacles away, which means that you will gain after suffering.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of the storm is Xiangrui. A married woman dreams of a storm, which means that after a long period of hard work and no regrets, she will win her own happiness, a wealth of life, filial piety, and a husband's step by step in her career. Overcome all kinds of pressures, decide your own marriage, and eventually marry a wealthy husband; unmarried men dream of storms, means to pass the test of true love and marry a rich wife; businessmen dream of storms, which means they can find something different In the end, the sales method was a great success; the patient dreamed of the storm, and his body would soon recover; the tourist dreamed of the storm, and the trip would be very pleasant.

Dream Case Study

Dream description: The storm in my dream was very big. I was watching TV, and suddenly heard the thunder, I hurried to the balcony to close the window, and I saw the clouds rolling outside the window, and the torrential wind quickly fell down. I thought this storm was really big. (Male, 31 years old)

Dream analysis: Stormy dreams are a symbol of trouble, indicating that you are now in a more complex state of mind, and your mind is chaotic. You always want to adjust it, but you ca n’t figure it out; the storm ’s onset indicates that you He is extremely contradictory and hesitates to do things.

Dreaming of the lingering spring rain indicates that you will have an unexpected harvest; if you are walking in the rain, it means that luck is coming; if you run hard in the rain, it means that your situation will make substantial progress; drizzle indicates that You will face a temporary difficulty. Generally speaking, the dream of going out on a rainy day may indicate that you will have a pleasant holiday for a few days.

If you dream of yourself being wet on the road, it will indicate that someone will invite your guests during this time; if you dream of being wet by the storm, it indicates that you may get an unexpected fortune, perhaps a large legacy . But heritage is not so easy to inherit, because you have to suffer the loss of loved ones.