Dreaming that the front of your house is lumpy and muddy, this is a hint to you that what you have planned recently is not good. Even if you do it, it will not succeed.

Falling into the pit is a decline in position, representing a career failure and frustration.

A woman dreams that she falls into a pit, and her family life will be insulted. She needs to restrain her temper.

Officials dreamed that if they fell into the pit, they would be opposed by their colleagues, and there was a danger of demotion. They need to pay attention to the relationship between the masses.

Businessmen dream of falling into the pit and will suffer business losses. Pay attention to stability and avoid risks.

Dreaming of the pit where the grain is stored, you will get married with a person who is happy.

A man dreams of a pit, his wife will be a good wife and mother, and his family will be peaceful.

Dreaming of storing food but the pits are empty, meaning your property will be stared at by jealous people.

Dreaming of smoking in the pit is a sign of disaster, and if you find something abnormal in your life, you need to be vigilant and take precautions.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Going down the hole, the master lost his fortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

There are deep pits in Mengshan, fierce. It's ominous for danger. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of a pit, fierce. The Lord was in great danger, great anxiety, and great calamity. The rafting is not good, the lawsuit is trapped, the disease is entangled with ghosts, the pregnant woman has difficulty giving birth, and the mother's life is difficult to extend. Pepsi converges without blame. Mysterious Dreams

The dream fell into a deep pit, and there was a catastrophe on the Lord, and death was coming. "Secret Secretary"