Dreaming of dark clouds means that infectious diseases will appear in residential areas.

To dream that the sky is suddenly covered with dark clouds, and there are shadows in terms of health.

Dreaming of dark clouds surging on the vast plain, maybe you are a very ego person with a strong personality, or your recent self-assertion is a bit too strong, or even a little arbitrary, and you rarely take care of other people’s thoughts and psychological feelings to make your friends We are a little disgusted. This dream reminds you to pay attention to your own words and deeds, and the test paper to care about the feelings of others, otherwise, be careful that you will be collectively rejected by your friends in the near future.

The black cloud symbolizes some worries, pressures, and troubles.

Dreaming of black clouds indicates that the mood is not stable and there is some frenzy.

Dreaming of dark clouds pressing on the ground, if the dark clouds in your dreams are pressing on the ground, it is implying that you had better leave your current place as soon as possible, otherwise you will suffer from terrible infectious diseases.