Dreaming of dark clouds, infectious diseases will appear in residential areas.

Dreaming that the sky was suddenly overcast with clouds, and there was a shadow in health.

Dreaming of the dark clouds over the wide plain, maybe you are a very self and strong personality, or your recent self-proposition is too strong, even a bit arbitrary, and rarely takes care of others' thoughts and psychological feelings, let your friends They are a little disgusted. This dream reminds you to pay attention to your words and deeds, and test papers care about the feelings of others, otherwise, be careful to be rejected by friends in the near future.

Dark clouds symbolize some anxiety, stress, and worry.

Dreaming of the dark clouds shows that the mood is not stable and there is some madness.

Dreaming of a dark cloud pressing down the ground, if it is the dark cloud pressing down to the ground, it is suggesting that you better leave the current place quickly, otherwise you will suffer from terrible infectious diseases.