Dreaming that the river is soaring, the main culprit is the overflow of well water.

Dreaming of the river's water surge and the sound of collapse. At this time, if you feel scared, it is implying that you may have disasters on you. You should pay special attention to recent affairs.

To dream of the river rising rapidly, there are sounds of collapse and rolling floods in the dream, and feelings of fear in your heart. This is a very bad dream, which means that you will have a sudden dilemma that is not easy to solve.

Dreaming that the river is rising indicates good luck and will last forever.

A woman dreams that the river is rising, heralding a chance to travel.

Dream of money Choi was washed away, indicating a harbinger of fortune.

Unmarried men dream of rising rivers as a sign of recent financial luck. If difficulties can be eliminated, unexpected benefits can be obtained.