This is a good dream of "clouds and sunrise". After that, you will have a great opportunity in your interpersonal relationship. Relatives and friends who had turned against you in the past may reconcile with you because of some trivial things. At this time, you must stop worrying about the past and accept him enthusiastically!

Dreaming of the sun is dazzling, which is a symbol of declining fortune. It may happen as a trivial matter, falling out with a friend, or losing a stuffed wallet, which can easily lead to sad things.

Dreaming that the sun shines in through the window means that reading is working well. I will start to feel interested in homework I didn't like; I will also become interested in school life.

Dreaming that the clouds are broken and the sun is shining, it means that there is a turning point in interpersonal relationships. Relatives and friends who have become enemies with each other may reconcile themselves because of some trivial things. He should be accepted with enthusiasm.

To dream that the clouds in the sky were blown away by the wind, indicating that all disasters will pass, and the days to come will be peaceful and happy.

Dreaming of the sun bursting out of the clouds and the sun is shining all over, indicates that you may have the opportunity to meet your past rivals or disagreeable relatives and friends, and make things right, which will bring about a turning point in your interpersonal relationship.