Dreaming of walking in the rain means that you may find money or valuables in an unexpected place.

Dreaming of falling chicken in the rain, said that the interest in reading has weakened. In the nasty class, drowsiness became more and more intense, and soon I fell asleep ... Be careful, don't be found by the teacher!

Dreaming of dodging in thunderstorms means that you have bad signs in your health. If you are an athlete, you need to be more careful. As long as you are negligent, you may cause great pain. Pay attention to climate changes.

Dreaming of climbing in the rain, it means that your interpersonal relationship is not good, there may be cracks in friendship, and the relationship with brothers, parents, and elders is not as good as before. At this time, you must be modest and right. .

Dreaming of walking in the rain holding an umbrella, said that recently, something happy will happen. Of course it refers to the opposite sex. The sweetheart who had only nodded friends can try to be intimate.

Dreaming of hiding in Tibet in the middle of thunderstorms indicated that there would be health problems. If you are an athlete, be more careful. Slight negligence can cause great pain.

Dreaming that the sun was shining in the rain was a sign of a financial dispute. Arguing with friends over borrowing money. Be careful not to perform a tragedy of money.

Dreaming of walking with her lover in the rain indicates that love breaks easily. At this time, be careful not to quarrel with the lover, the quarrel will lead to the danger of separation.

Dreaming of the presence of animals in the rain suggests that writing inspiration is coming. At this time, you can write an article, and you can write a love letter to the person you like, or submit it to a newspaper.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Rain, the simplest representative meaning is the release of tears and feelings. You may have been upset and have nowhere to vent your feelings in real life. In dreams, rain is often the first sign that your mood is released.

Psychoanalysis: In women 's dreams, the possibility of realizing a wide range is implied. Everyone should make good use of the rich benefits of rain.

Spiritual Symbol: Because the rain comes from "Heaven", it symbolizes the blessing and revelation of the gods.