Water dream library, more than a symbol of plenty of money, and prosperity.

Married men and women dream of the big reservoir, indicating that the life is rich and the family is happy.

Unmarried men and women dreamed of the big reservoir, indicating that the marriage is satisfactory, men will marry dignified and beautiful wives, and women will marry rich husbands.

The businessman dreamed of the big reservoir, which indicated that the financial resources would be wide and the business would be successful.

If you dream of diving in the reservoir, it means that your body is strong and powerful. When a woman dreams like this, she may become pregnant .

If a man in love dreams of diving in the reservoir with his sweetheart, it indicates that the two will be happy in the future.

If it is a businessman dreaming of swimming in a reservoir , it indicates a big business in the near future.

Dreaming of the Xiu Reservoir bodes well for fame.

Dreaming of putting water into the reservoir is not a good thing. It is a manifestation of economic distress and inadequacy, which expresses your desire for more input.

Dreaming of draining water out of the reservoir indicates that you have a chance to become the head of an important department or unit.

Dreaming about the dry reservoir, remind you to pay attention to your health, take more rest, you may be sick.

The reservoir in the dream is full of milk, which is a good thing, which indicates that the children will go and the family will flourish.

Dreaming of the reservoir bursting, remind you to carefully lose control, there may be a big emotional outbreak.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of reservoirs can mean many different things. You may be storing feelings and desires, trying to stop yourself from dumping your feelings on others. If you personally build a dam in your dreams, you are building a dyke for self-defense. If you dream about the bankruptcy of the dam, it reminds you that you may not be able to control your feelings for a long time.

Psychoanalysis: Generally speaking, when people need to control their feelings from the aspect of consciousness, life in a dream will provide you with a natural way to express difficulties, or make you disappointed and frustrated. Therefore, overflowing dams or dam collapses are recurring patterns of formations.

Spiritual Symbol: From this perspective, the reservoir of spiritual development symbolizes the limits of artistic stacking.

Case Study of Dreaming Reservoir

Dream description: I like fishing more , especially the kind of leisurely mood, sometimes dreaming that I am fishing. I dreamed that I went fishing in the reservoir. The reservoir was so big, the water was very clear, and the water was sparkling. I sat in the reservoir and was in a very good mood. (Male, 36)

Dreamland analysis: The reservoir in the dream is a symbol of prosperity. Dreaming of overflowing reservoirs indicates that you will achieve satisfactory results economically or professionally, especially economically, and will have higher income. Dreaming that the reservoir is being filled with water, then it means that some unexpected new opportunities will appear in your life.