Dreaming of a solar eclipse and lunar eclipse, there may be a stormy danger, there will be some fighting things around you, and you can also get seriously ill.

Dream of a solar eclipse, a sign of lightning love. Both of them will fall in love at first sight. You will be willing to give everything for this love. But their hearts quickly cooled down after the heat pole, which can be said to be a "midsummer love."

Dreaming of an eclipse means economic damage, reminding dreamers to face it calmly;

A woman dreams of a eclipse, which means that her husband's financial resources may be reduced;

Dreaming of a solar eclipse and clouds in the sky means that when a dreamer is in trouble, he will get help from his friends.

Dreaming of a lunar eclipse heralds illness or death among major loved ones, especially female members of the family.

Dreaming of an eclipse will lead to loss of viability and economic loss.

A woman dreams of a lunar eclipse, and her married daughter will return to heaven.