Dreaming of snow, there will be troubles. Once you have trouble, you will not know where to go. It's best to tell older people what they have done.

Snow symbolizes purity and beauty. But if you dream of a white and heavy snow covering everything, it may be the manifestation of your inner emotional depression. Your feelings may be like a frozen snowfield. You restrain yourself, do not go emotional, and escape the colorful life. Dreaming of snow may symbolically remind you to be more enthusiastic about the people around you. Life will be full of color because of your passion.

If you dream about Ruixue, or snowflakes, it is an absolute good sign that you are about to run and you will have unexpected surprises. But if you dream of the snow, you obviously feel the sky becomes black or other strong colors, which may indicate illness or depression, and you may also find it difficult to get along with others.

It is also a good sign to feel seasonal when dreaming about snow. Spring snow will bring you strong psychological satisfaction. In the summer snow, good luck may be here. The snow in autumn heralds happiness, and the snow in winter indicates success after hard work.

A woman dreams of snow , heralding sorrow and happiness, and happiness.

The patient dreamed of snow , indicating that his body would soon be healthy.

The businessman dreamed of snow, indicating that he might want to open a business in a foreign country.

People in the mountains dreamed of snow, indicating that they might move, and maybe move to faraway cities and towns.

Dreaming of falling snow on your own tree, it indicates that someone may invest for you, or the project you invest in will get a good return.

Dreaming that the snow and ice are melting, representing the softening of the iron heart, or what you are fighting for, may finally have an opportunity.

Dreaming that you are buried in a snowdrift indicates that you may not be understood by the people around you because you insist on the correct views, and taste the feeling of being isolated.

Dreaming of Xuefeng under the reflection of Chaoyang, it means that you are tired of loneliness and have the desire to get married in your heart .

Dreaming of eating snow indicates that you will have a hard time.

Dreaming of slipping on the frozen snow road, said that there may be abnormal behavior, may overturn the lunch box, and make a fool of the eyes.

Dreaming of a tumbling game on the snow indicates that love will turn for the better. Although the relationship with the lover was once indifferent, it was only temporary, and love will soon be resurrected. If a snowman appears in the dream, their love will be more stable.

Dreaming of snow, it means that trouble will happen. Once you have troubles, you will not know where to go. At this time, it is best to tell the older people about things and see what they have done.

Dreaming of deep and thick snow indicates that you may be overwhelmed by your work now. But don't worry, your efforts will eventually be rewarded, and your efforts will bring you unexpectedly great success.

Dreaming of snow-capped mountains indicates that you may receive extremely important good news.

Dreaming of a blizzard indicates that for a period of time in the future, you may encounter some distress, and you may have an upset psychology.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams :

The vernal equinox Mengxue, the Lord has friends. Snow flakes are as big as palms, and they are bound to be fierce. "Secret Secretary"

The winter solstice Mengxue flew into the sky, and the Lord had a drinker. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Chunxue does not accumulate, the main clear. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming under heavy snow, fierce. The dreamer Chun Xuan passed away, hands and feet were split, the couple was widowed, and the son-in-law suffered. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Danxue gave away. Dedicating friends to the snow and congratulating them; it is especially good if the dreamer sends himself away. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Dongxue, Daji. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Fu Xue Shi, Ji. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of falling snow, great luck. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of those under the snow, got the officer. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dream gathers snow into jade, lucky. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of snow. The dream is a sign of beginning to end. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Qiuxue piled up, the Lord had a funeral. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Qiu snow drifts, the Lord is very sad. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Qiuxue dip in clothing, when there is fierce concubine. "Secret Secretary"

Dreamers call out to Xue, Ji. Mysterious Dreams

Snow on Mengshan. Gathering for sorrow. Those who have parents may be apprehensive; if the merchant buys a dream, the Lord will make a lot of money. "Secret Secretary"

Snowdrifts on the dream mountain. The businessman dreamed of great profits. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming lying on the snow. The Lord traveled and his whereabouts were uncertain; the Lord lost his mother and went bankrupt. "Secret Secretary"

Snow in the dream court, fierce. There is murder in the host family, filial piety comes to life; Mysterious Dreams

Snow in the dream court. The Lord is murderous, filial piety, and good fortune. There are beginnings and ends in accounting. "Secret Secretary"

Dream of swallowing snow, fierce. Those who dream of this are famous merchants, and all things are painstaking. See you in six days. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of playing snow, Daji. Mysterious Dreams

Dream lying on the snow, fierce. The dreamer has a stigmatized scribe, a businessman has a bad profit, and his family is more filial. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of heavy snow. This is an ominous sign. The master's parents, the separation of brothers, the death of the spouse, and the death of the children must be resolved. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Xia Xue, the master parents were murderous. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Xia Xue piled up, but also the Lord filial piety. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Xia Xue swept away. All murders are expected to dissipate. "Secret Secretary"

Dream line funeral in snow. The lord of the zodiac was severely mourned, and it was also ominous. The noble dreamed that the Lord went to Guanze and turned into auspicious. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Xue became a palace, fierce. Those who dream of this should not be relocated or built; if there is a relative in the church, there may be death or death. Mysterious Dreams

Mengxue became a pearl, and the Lord had a small fortune to come, but also prevented a small worry from coming. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Xuedui can not enter the gate, fierce. The literati dreamed of this, but his fame was unsuccessful. There is a barrier to everything, and the sick are not ashamed. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Xue fell on her body, Daji, everything is done. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Xuepiao, the main illness in addition to trouble. If you dream of business, you can't gather money; if you have a deep hope for something, you cannot dream. Mysterious Dreams

Dream snow drifts. Elimination of the main disease, reconciliation of lawsuits, anxiety and relief. A businessman dreams and cannot gather money; a planner dreams and cannot wish. "Secret Secretary"

Mengxue floats into a bead network, and Ji, the Lord does everything by himself. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Xuexiao, the Lord is less troubled. The patient dreams, don't heal by medicine. "Secret Secretary"

Mengxue down the grain dishes, fierce, the Lord has a villain insulting also. Mysterious Dreams

Dream snowdrops. Those who dream about this should have a small fortune to guard against small worries. Mysterious Dreams

Sleepwalking in spring meets snow. The person who dreams of this must be extremely sad. The Lord's filial piety, the Lord encountered flooding. Mysterious Dreams

Dreams boil snow, fierce, everything is empty. Mysterious Dreams

Autumn equinox dreams pile up, the main cause is indifferent. "Secret Secretary"

The solstice of the summer solstice disappeared, and all the evil of the Lord dissipated. "Secret Secretary"

Snow doesn't stick, and the Lord is obedient. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The snow fell on the family, the Lord's funeral. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Everything fell into the snow. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

In time for the snow, great luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"