Dreaming of stars. It means that you have gone through trials and hardships to reach the ideal peak.

Dreaming that the sky is bright and God is full of heaven, heralding a great exploration of the spiritual world. However, in the end, you will return to the nature of surviving and seeking spiritual comfort. At the same time, you will often lament your poor destiny.

Dreaming that someone you know is floating in the air, foresight that they will use you to do some stupid things, and other innocent people will also become victims. Having dreamed this, there are often major disasters.

Dreaming of stars as a symbol of dreams or hope.

Dreaming of picking a star represents a turning point in life.

Dreaming of flying to the starry sky, it means that it will enter a new realm.

Dreaming of a meteor indicates a change in residence or occupation, and there may be peachy disputes.

Dreaming of the stars and the bright moon expresses good luck.

Such as swallowing the sun, moon, and stars indicate pregnancy .

Dreaming that the stars are falling indicates that the boss and boss have changed. If you are the boss, you must pay attention to unexpected accidents.