Dreaming that the sky was red was a warning of the impending fire . ( Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams )

When women dream that the sky is red, it means that the husband or lover will be in danger. Therefore, in order to protect their safety, special attention needs to be paid.

Dreaming of five-colored clouds means that luck will continue to prosper.

Dreaming that the sky is full of colorful clouds, expressing joy in the harvest.

Cai Xia in the dream is the meaning of love.

Dreaming of Caixia or dreaming of Feiyun implies that a feeling has arisen in your heart that you do not even want to admit.

If it is a girl's dream, it means that she has a crush on a long-cherished boy in her heart, but she doesn't want to show that she is silently alone.

If the boy had this dream, it means that he was secretly in love with a girl.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming that the sky is dyed red, the stock market hints that the stocks are rising, but if the east sky is red, the stock price will return to the original level, and the west sky shall be bought.