Dreaming that the sky is dyed red is a warning of impending fire . ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

Women dream that the sky is dyed red, which means that their husband or lover will be in danger. Therefore, in order to protect their safety, special attention is needed.

Dreaming of five colored clouds indicates that the fortune will continue to prosper.

Dreaming that the sky is full of colorful clouds means that you can be happy with a good harvest.

The Caixia in the dream means love.

Dreaming of Caixia or Feiyun implies that you have a relationship that you don’t want to admit.

If it is a girl’s dream, it means that she is secretly in love with a long-awaited boy, but she does not want to show that she is just silently unrequited love.

If it is a boy who has this dream, it shows that he is secretly in love with a girl.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming that the sky is red, the stock market implies that the stocks are soaring, but if the sky is red in the east, the stock price will return to the original level, and the sky in the west should be bought.