The moon in the dream is more symbolic of purity and beauty.

Dreaming of the moon usually indicates that everything will go well, happy love, happy marriage, and prosperous career. The different shapes of the moon seen in the dream also indicate different life experiences or fate.

Bright moonlight symbolizes family happiness.

Dreaming of the bright moon and the twinkling stars together means that all is well.

Dreaming that the full moon shines brightly in the air shows that everything goes well. Especially in love, there will be no disputes and quarrels, and you can spend a sweet day.

Dreaming of the moon shining on her body heralded a red light on health. Particular attention must be paid to diseases of the respiratory system, such as colds and inflammation of the tonsils.

Dreaming that there is a moon during the day, it means that unlucky things will happen, people will be banged on, or entangled by drunks. It's best to go out and live quietly at home.

Dreaming of a lonely moon, high in the night sky, and no stars around, it means that you may break up with your lover, or your desire for love may not be satisfied.

Dreaming of a bright moon hanging in the quiet night sky, there is no cloud around, indicating that exciting changes will come, maybe you have been secretly full of expectations of change.

Dreaming that a cloud covers the moon, and emotionally, it shows that the relationship between the lover or the husband and wife is deteriorating; or it indicates that to achieve results, some short-term difficulties must be overcome.

Seeing the waning moon in your dream indicates that there may be a dark part of your character, but there are questions in your mind that make you doubt, and you are a little hesitant and hesitant.

People who sail or travel long distances dreaming of the waning moon, which indicates that they may be in danger during navigation or travel. Be careful. Unmarried men dream of a crescent moon, and lovers may break up with themselves, or because of low mood, anxiety and depression, often insomnia. The girl dreams that half a month is an ominous sign, and she should pay attention to health and safety.

The full moon symbolizes extraordinary success in love, or if you want to get rich, get your son. Pregnant women dream of a full moon and give birth to a beautiful son. The patient dreamed of a full moon and his body would soon recover.

Dreaming that the full moon shines in mid-air indicates that everything is going well, especially in love, you and your sweetheart may not have a quarrel or quarrel for a period of time, and will spend a sweet and memorable time.

Dreaming that the full moon rises to the east indicates that you will have a big picture. If you can redouble your efforts to study or work, you will get unexpectedly good results. There will be a blockbuster conference or an amazing opportunity for career development.

Dreaming of the moon rising from the horizon indicates that the economy has been relatively affluent recently and may have good fortunes every day. But at this time, avoid waste, so as to avoid easy loss of wealth.

Dreaming of the moon rising from the sea indicates that you can start from scratch, or start a family business, and your wealth is running well.

In the dream, the moonlight shines through the window, indicating that there will be unexpected developments in love. If you are not in love right now, you may have an affection with someone around you.

Dreaming that the moon is about to fall, there may be a major crisis in love or marriage, and the possibility of rupture or long-term separation. Emotionally, we can no longer be negligent, we should pay more attention to each other and think more of each other.

Dreaming that the crooked moon hung quietly in the sky, the love stopped. Your relationship with your lover seems to be going well in the previous stage, but recently you may find that you can no longer break through the current state, and sometimes even when the two meet, they will suddenly feel speechless and somewhat awkward. In networking, you may wish to think of some new innovations to make dating a little new. Dreaming of the moon shining on the body, pay attention to the recent physical conditions, you may have respiratory diseases, or colds, tonsillitis, and other symptoms.

The man dreams that the bright moonlight is not pouring on the earth, which indicates that there is an accident, and you may have financial losses. Dreaming that there is a moon during the day, some unlucky things may come, and they may be entangled or extorted, robbed, it is best to reduce unnecessary going out and live peacefully at home.

Dreaming of the bright moonlight reflecting on the water is a symbol of plenty of time and increased leisure activities. Rather than spending time in restaurants, coffee shops, and Internet cafes, it is better to go outdoors and relax, hiking outings may have greater gains.

Dreaming of walking on the moon symbolizes rising intelligence and active thinking. Recently, you may have an abnormally clear mind and sharp thinking. At this time , you will take an exam or work hard, and you will get unusual results and have the opportunity to get a teacher or leader. Extraordinary appreciation.

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

The moon represents motherhood or femininity, indicating that you are willing to give everything to your lover. This is a good dream overall, and it means that your relationship is good.

But be careful if you are female. Be careful.

Dreaming of Yunzhe Yue indicates that the lover and husband and wife have deteriorated.

A change in the shape of the moon indicates a change in life, its ups and downs, and its circulation.

Dreaming of a full moon indicates that you will be pregnant .

Such as swallowing the sun, moon, and stars indicate pregnancy.

Dreaming of the stars and the bright moon expresses good luck.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dreaming of swallowing the moon indicates pregnancy. See the full moon, the main birth of your son. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Seeing the moon, the main task was completed. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Meng Baoyue, Daji. The woman dreams of this, and the Lord has a noble daughter; the man dreams of this, and the Lord has a beautiful wife. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Baoyue. When a woman dreams, the Lord has a noble daughter; when a man dreams, the Lord has a beautiful wife. "Secret Secretary"

Mengbo Diyingyue, fierce, marriage is not coming, everything is ominous. Mysterious Dreams

In the midst of the dream, the tadpoles sat in the middle of the moon, and the Lord Yin helped the powerful man. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of climbing the moon, Daji, the main food and drink are rich, the son-in-law is noble. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Dengti touches the moon, Daji. The scribes are flying, the flat people meet expensive. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Deng Tian Benren month, Ji. People in prison dream ominously. Mysterious Dreams

The dream unfolds the bright moon, Ji. Mysterious Dreams

The two men struck each other in dreams, and the main yin was out of harmony with each other. Mysterious Dreams

In the dream forest, the bright moon, Daji, the Lord is safe. Mysterious Dreams

The dream touched the moon, and the Lord ascended to the ground, flying like a prince. "Secret Secretary"

Dream incense and worship the moon. Men and women dream this, and the Lord has a secret covenant. When women are husbands, the Lord is happy. In the dark of everything, there will be occasions, auspicious. Mysterious Dreams

Mengshe Zhongyue, Ji, a prosperous career, the old man likes Sun Zhi. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of playing the moon, the Lord's short-term survival. "Secret Secretary"

Dreams are in the sky for months, the Lord Tim. Mysterious Dreams

Dream moon dark. This is the Yin of Yin, the dream of pregnant women. The mistress is worried, his wife is plagued, and Pepsi is a sign of ignorance. "Secret Secretary"

Dream moon dark. Pregnant women dream of this; others dream of this, the mother is worried, the wife is suffering, everything is ambiguous. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue sinks. This main business is hopeless, marriage is not coming, all things are not good, the name of the master is as full as the moon in the water, but also the fierce elephant. "Secret Secretary"

In the dream moon, Ji Ji, the main source of wealth prospered, and no hope was found. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue goes to sea. This is a sign of the prosperity of wealth and the prosperity of children and grandchildren. The main plan is to succeed, the marriage must be harmonious, the birth of your son, the rich harvest, the reputation. "Secret Secretary"

Mengyue first appeared, non-Lian Jiali, must produce Xianglin. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue flying man sleeve, Daji. The Lord has Takako Hiroshi, fame and fortune, everything. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue was suddenly covered by Yun, fierce, as if she was being bullied. His wife was suspected, separated by pedestrians, separated by letters, ignored in litigation, unsuccessful in name, unreasonable, and not cured. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue around the house, Daji, the Lord has a glorious approach. Mysterious Dreams

Dream Moon Boat, Kyrgyzstan. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue people, Ji, the Lord has beauty in private. If a pregnant woman dreams, she will recruit a daughter. The Lord is far from coming or visiting from afar. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue is pregnant, and she is the daughter of the noble. Mysterious Dreams

On the cantilever beams of the Mengyueren Building, the main family room was glorious, and his wife was recruited to take care of him. If a woman dreams of it, the Lord has suspicious anger and should beware of it. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue has maggots, and her right eye has ailments. Mysterious Dreams

The dream moon is bright and bright, and it is a lucky image. Blessings in all things, no inconvenience, marriage must be together, pregnancy must be expensive, the name will be promoted, the benefits will be doubled, the lawsuit will be reasonable, the disease will die; The appointment is due in the following year and on the next day. Mysterious Dreams

There is a figure in the dream moon, Ji. The literati is great; the patient enters the yin deficiency, which is not Jiaxiang; the villain dreams of it, and there are some words in the moon, and the Lord has the joy of wine. Mysterious Dreams

In the fall of Mengyue, the fierce murderer, whose fame and reputation were unsuccessful, suffered unsuccessful business, was unprofitable in business, feared that it would be difficult to file a lawsuit, and prevent the woman from being imprisoned. Mysterious Dreams

Mengyue falls, fierce, everything is ominous, women should pay more attention. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of playing the moon on Mid-Autumn Festival, Daji. This dream article is a success, and the family's family is reunited. The literati is so famous that the woman is pregnant with her daughter. Everything is auspicious. Mysterious Dreams

Dream catches the moon, Duliwen, the Lord is a sign of a noble daughter. Mysterious Dreams

On the night of the moon, the Lord has good luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Into the month, the Lord gave birth to a noble daughter. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The moon represents the emotional and feminine side of human nature. It involves human intuition, psychology, love and romantic emotions. The waning moon in your dream indicates the dark or doubtful part of your character. In addition, the moon symbolizes your mother or your relationship with your own mother.

Psychoanalysis: According to ancient sayings, the moon affects people's psychological activities, such as the inner feelings of men or the intuitions of women. The former dreamed of the moon, indicating that the imagination of women should be stopped or the fear of women in their hearts should be eliminated. The moon seen in the latter's dream usually indicates her relationship with other women.

Spiritual Symbol: From a spiritual perspective, the moon in the dream represents the goddess in charge of everything or the dark and unknown side of yourself. In addition, it can symbolize some unattainable goals or impossible things.

Case Study of Dreaming of the Moon