Generally speaking, the sky is bright and airy, indicating that you will succeed.

Dreaming about the weather indicates that your wealth will face a trend of change. You are going through an unprecedented period of development, but after that you will have to face failure and rumors against you.

Dreaming of checking the weather forecast of the meteorological department indicates that you will be helpless to change your home. At this time you may be exhausted, but you will also benefit from it.

Dreaming about the weather forecast is a witch, symbolizing that your family affairs are unpleasant due to improper handling.

Dreaming of a witch saying a spell to call the wind and rain, foreshadows internal disputes in your family and will be full of disappointment in your career.

If the weather in your dream is cloud, fog, or wet, in recent days you may not be suitable for making a big decision or a major change.

For other weather symbols in the dream, see the entries "wind", "cloud", "thunder" and "rain".

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

Generally speaking, dreams are used to warn or express inner conflict or negative emotions, such as fear. So weather as the background of dream behavior is often bad weather, such as cloudy, rain , storm, autumn or winter. But there are also springs, sunny days, and occasionally rainbows in my dreams.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Your emotions and feelings generally manifest themselves as part of the dream. You know what is happening next to you, and you need to be careful and adapt your behavior to it.

Psychoanalysis: Weather can also be an expression of inner reaction. Storms therefore imply stormy, perhaps nasty, aggressive feelings. A sunny, cloudless blue sky may indicate that you are in control of the situation you are facing and the emotions and feelings associated with it. If you see the weather clearly, you must understand that it should be part of a larger whole, not just individuals who are self-determined.

Spiritual Symbol: Different weather conditions may be seen as your spiritual answer to your own questions.