Dreaming of crystal dew indicates the realization of hope. The things you have been looking forward to are likely to come true soon.

Dreaming that the morning dew flashes this, indicates spiritual fulfillment or spiritual enlightenment. This period of time may have the opportunity to think more about life, love and other issues, and there will be new gains.

Dreaming of walking with dew in the morning indicates that love is going well. You and your sweetheart will fall in love. Like glue like lacquer, unwilling to separate.

The body is wet with dew in the dream, which indicates that you may have encountered unhappiness in the interpersonal relationship recently. Maybe it's a teacher in the school, or a colleague or client you are dealing with in the project. You have worked hard, but don't know why, you always feel unable to establish a good relationship.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Monroe's wet clothes are also auspicious. Traveling to get food and drink, getting married, getting money from business, everything goes well, and the celebration is unusual. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream sucks dew. This dream is a sign of anointing. The patient will get a magical medicine, and the servant will meet grace. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Mengdilu turns into pearls, and all things come to fruition. Menglin Xuanjie

Monroe draped hat, Kyrgyzstan, the image of the first beneficiary. In the dream of the patient, filial piety should be guarded; if there is noble person to promote, if there is noble person to promote; gradually prosper, everything is auspicious, and morality is evil. Going on business trips and taking risks by boat to prevent unforeseen disasters. Menglin Xuanjie

Monroe is blooming, Ji. The image of En and Ze Ze, everything is fulfilled. Menglin Xuanjie

Monroe formed frost and frost became snow. For those who are omnipotent, the mourning goes to the mourning, and the prison goes to the prison. A gentleman dreams, must endure small insults, and be careful in everything, not small and sudden, it will lead to catastrophe. Menglin Xuanjie

Monroe wet clothes, Ji. The main way is to drink and eat, get married, and merchants get rich, which is unusually festive. Menglin Xuanjie

Monsiphon Lu, Ji. Menglin Xuanjie

Mengyue was exposed. This dream does not ask men or women , the dreamer must have personal affair. Like the nectar of a dream, the master will be enlightened, give birth to virtuous sons, and family affairs. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dew or light rain represents a sense of novelty and spiritual recovery in a dream. It may be something you haven't noticed yet, and you can only get it through an external source.

Psychoanalysis: Change and purification are not always triggered by emotional bursts. The dew in the dream tells you that soft feelings, and sometimes even feelings that are almost imperceptible, can make a great uproar.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the dew in the dream represents spiritual recovery and blessing.

Case study of dreaming about dew

Dream description: I like to get up in the morning and take a walk outside to get some fresh air. The air in my dream was very fresh that morning, and there were crystal dewdrops hanging on the vegetation. Under the shining of the sun, it looked even more lovely, reflecting the brilliance of the sun. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: The crystal clear and lovely dewdrop symbolizes honor, wealth and emotion. If you see the dew under the sun, the dew is crystal clear, which means you will get great honor and wealth. For single nobles, this dream indicates that a happy marriage will come in the near future.