I dreamed of thunder and lightning in the distance, and suffered loss and misfortune.

The students dreamed of thundering the earth, it was a good sign, and they could get excellent test scores.

The girl dreamed that the earth was a good sign, and she would marry a prestigious family.

The male patient dreamed of thunder and the ground would recover.

After the thunder and lightning, the surroundings were dark, meaning that disaster was imminent, and the disaster might fall on the head of the dreamer or on the person protected by himself.

Dreaming of lightning from time to time, can not see the road, and had to walk in the dark, will defeat the opponent, through difficulties and misfortunes.

Dreaming that he was almost injured by lightning, disaster could be avoided. When I dreamed of going out, there was thunder on a sunny day. There were many difficulties to improve.

Farmers dreamed of lightning, drought and famine.