Dreaming of deep water, no matter what appears in your dreams are peaceful lakes, trickling creeks, fury rivers, calm oceans; the water in dreams always symbolizes the essence of life and represents spiritual Baptism and rebirth. Once your life becomes complicated, you may dream of drowning in water; the lake water symbolizes that you want to get rid of the troubled life as soon as possible, and yearn for a peaceful and stable life. The flood or the raging river water symbolizes that you are facing pressure and situation beyond your control.

Dreaming of deep water, but turbidity cannot be seen in the end, it means that the moral character is dirty. Dreaming of sewage means that your work and life are chaotic. There are many things that make you unhappy, but you ca n’t. Avoid. I'm annoyed by what I do. It's confused. From the perspective of Zhou Gong's interpretation of dreams , the muddy water represents money.

If you dream of deep water, and it looks very clear and calm, then it means that you are in a relatively calm and comfortable situation. However, if the dreamer appears more anxious in this dream, it may represent that the reality of peace has made you feel uneasy and hope for some changes.

Dreaming that the water is deep and clear, easy to reach the goal, easy to succeed, both fame and fortune, smooth sailing, Futai Hongliang, everything is peaceful, smooth development, career in Antai, even if there are fierce mathematics and science can be saved from disaster.

Dreaming of deep water, water has a lot of meaning. Such as: sea water, river water, lake water, tea water, well water, etc., which represent different meanings. Here it represents your deep consciousness. It is your subconscious reminding you that you have forgotten something (flooded). In fact, you didn't forget him, you just buried him deeply in your heart. Just to remind you!

Dreaming of looking at the calm water surface shows that the interpersonal relationship is very smooth. Friendship between classmates in school will inevitably be strengthened, may wish to praise your youth!

Dreaming of walking on the water at will, the wish is about to be achieved. But holding hands will not help, you must work hard to fight for it.

Dreaming of ripples on the water surface, will start a new love. The other person is likely to be a lifeless person, and the place where they meet is a museum or library. Mostly it is the other party who talks to you first, keep the most authentic you to welcome a new love song!

Dreaming of meeting someone during swimming will have an unexpected scene that will embarrass you. For example, when walking hand in hand with my lover, I suddenly met the teacher in charge of the class ... be careful not to be too frivolous.

Dreaming of drowning, there are shadows in health. The possibility of recurrence of the old disease is very high, especially for people with allergic constitutions, or people who have suffered from nephritis, so be careful.

Dreaming that his home was overwhelmed by the flood, there may be disputes between the family. The cause may be something between your parents. At this time, it is better to restrain your past willfulness and try to communicate the feelings of your parents.

Dreaming that the water is flowing downstream, everything will go well. For loved ones, a love letter offensive can be launched, and there is great hope for success.

Dreaming of swimming against the current, friendship will deteriorate. Students who can't get along together may have insidious plots against you. Be careful not to fall into the trap of others.

Dreaming of diving deep into the river, this is a red light signal for health. There are unexpected diseases, such as sudden onset of cecumitis, nephritis, etc. Be particularly careful of the fatigue caused by staying up late.

Dreaming of crossing the shallow river barefoot, there will be a great change in personality, and there will be immense patience. http://www.dreamsmeaning.org/

Dreaming of the waterfall looming, wealth is rich. If you open a grocery store or do other business at home, its turnover will increase and your pocket money will increase.

Dreaming of camping on the river bed means good fun. You can go to the beach or climb the mountain with your best friends . But be sure to return home that day. If you stay overnight, it will cause an accident.

  Dreaming of Deep Water Case Study

Dream description: I came to a deep pool in my dream. The water looked deep and the water was quite clear. I looked a little scared beside it, for fear I fell into it! What does this dream mean?

Dream analysis: If you dream of deep water, and it looks very clear and calm, then it means that your current situation is relatively calm and comfortable. According to your emotions in your dreams, you are afraid of the calm water, which means that the so-called calm situation around you is not as good as you may be, and you may prefer a more changing life. Of course, it may also reflect your unwillingness to be calm.