1. Dreaming of a mirage

Dreaming last night was very strange. First, I dreamed that a dragon head that looked like a dragon appeared in the blue sky, or moved slowly, and then appeared a lot of dark clouds, with distinct layers, and then I saw that the entire sky and the ground are all black. In a neat place above the dark clouds, there seemed to be many shapes similar to buildings, as well as other shapes. My mother said that it was a legendary mirage, which felt very strange.

The blue sky represents your original mood, relaxed and cheerful.

The appearance of dark clouds reflects the appearance of troubles, and they are some distinct troubles.

The dragon-shaped cloud should be related to elders, or [family authority.

The entire connection between the sky and the ground is black, which reflects a temporarily dark and depressed feeling between your expectations and reality.

The appearance of a mirage represents the imagination of happiness.

Maybe only when there are troubles in life, it will be more obvious which day will be better and more worth looking forward to.

You are strange because you feel that this kind of life should not be placed above worries, it should be clearer and more real.

2. Dreaming of a mirage, the roadside is full of houses in the past, you can't touch it.

Reality is always far away from dreams, and you can't grasp yourself well.

I want to be able to grasp the career or something that makes myself fulfilling.

The houses in the past in the dream represent the past life. They are far away from you. Because you can't grasp it now, they will nostalgic for the past.

But, clearly, the past cannot come back.

This dream is not so much a nostalgia for the past as it is uncertainty and non-striving for the present and the future.

3. Meeting a mirage in a dream indicates that there may be uncertain events in the near future that will bother you...

But in the end you will find that you are actually too worried...

It should be that the pressure in daily life is relatively high!