1. Dreaming about Mirage

It was weird to dream last night. First, I dreamed that a dragon-like cloud faucet appeared in the blue sky, or moved slowly, and then there were a lot of dark clouds. A neat place above the dark clouds seemed to have many building-like shapes, as well as other graphics. My mother said that it was the legendary mirage, which felt strange.

The blue sky represents your original mood, relaxed and cheerful.

The appearance of dark clouds reflects the emergence of worries, and it is a very clear variety of worries.

The cloud in the shape of a dragon should be related to elders or [family authority matters.

The entire connection between the sky and the ground is dark, which reflects a moment of gloom and depression between your expectations and reality.

The emergence of mirages represents imagination of happiness.

Maybe only things that are troubled in life will make it more obvious what kind of days are better and more worth looking forward to.

You are weird because you feel that this life should not be put on top of troubles, it should be clearer and more real.

2. I dreamed that the mirage was full of houses in the past, and I could not touch it.

Reality is always far away from your dreams, and you cannot grasp yourself well.

I long to be able to grasp the cause or something that enriches myself.

The houses in the past represent the past life. They have left you. Because they are not sure now, they will be nostalgic for the past.

However, it is clear that the past cannot come back.

This dream is not so much a nostalgia for the past as an uncertainty and a struggle for the present and the future.

3. I met mirage in my dream, indicating that there may be uncertain events in the near future that will disturb you ...

But in the end you will find that you are actually overly worried ...

It should be relatively stressful in daily life!