Dreaming of blowing a tornado indicates that there may be a loss and recovery, a blessing in disguise. Remind you that when you encounter something that goes wrong, don’t worry, keep up your spirits, it will soon rain and the sky will clear, everything will be better! On the other hand, it may indicate that you will find a lost friend or a distinguished guest again. Come to visit.

If you are sick and dream that a tornado is an ominous sign, your illness may worsen or recur.

Dreaming that you are trapped in a tornado indicates that your get rich quick plan unfortunately will die, and it will bring you a blow full of disappointment and confusion.

Businessman dreamed Long Juan wind, be careful management, the business may have encountered unexpected setbacks, careful lines bring luck recently to avoid risk.

If you dream of a hurricane or tornado causing a storm to destroy a house, or a car being caught in the air, it may be a reaction to your recent lack of security. Your consciousness and body are fully aware of the fragility of this material world. Perhaps you subconsciously foresee some impending storms or social phenomena around you.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

A man dreams of a tornado and can find a lost friend. When a woman dreams of a tornado, a female guest will come to the door. The patient dreams of a tornado, his condition will worsen. The prisoner dreamed of a tornado and would meet with relatives soon. A businessman dreams of a tornado, his business will suddenly be frustrated. Tourists dream of a tornado and will return safely.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing a tornado, the master is fierce. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Tornado will destroy everything you encounter, as if you are looking for something. The tornado symbolizes friends. A man dreams that a tornado will reunite with his long-lost friend. People dream of tornadoes, there will be guests coming to themselves.

Psychological analysis: a man dreams of a tornado, he will meet an old friend; a woman dreams of a tornado, a guest comes to him. The patient’s dream of a tornado is a bad omen; the prisoner’s dream of a tornado is a good omen. The patient dreamed of a tornado, which means that his condition will deteriorate further. The prisoner dreams of a tornado is a good omen and will meet with friends soon.